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Per Jönsson - forskning Malmö högskola

Stefan Gustafsson - Google Scholar Citations

Atoms To Go is a periodic table of the elements app. In addition to the usual information found in such programs, it also contains a wealth of nuclear information.
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, 99, 431 (2018). of magnetic-field-induced 2p(5)3s 3P0 - 2p(6) 1S0 transitions in Ne-like ions without nuclear spin Click to Play!


Mathematical Physics - Staff

Keywords: nuclear spin polarization, tilted foils, particle scattering, β-. NMR, ISOLDE.... Table 3.1: First excited states and intense transitions of 21Ne. From [49].
Hackh's Spiral Periodic Table Ingo Hackh's periodic table of 1914, from Das Synthetisches System der Atome, Hamburg, Hephaestos. 22 1.. Circlon Model of Nuclear Structure & Periodic Table (2010)... NMR Nuclear Spin Periodic Table.

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Google employees have created a beautiful and informative periodic table where individual elements represent stats about. NMR Nuclear Spin Periodic Table.
Pågående projekt. Experimental and computational atomic astrophysics pil visa. External interactions and Nuclear Effects in Atoms for Plasma Diagnostics and.
Group theoretical analysis of nuclear spin relaxation in liquid crystals and molecular solids. S Gustafsson, B. Nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray study of a rectangular phase. Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 100 (1), 1-154, 2018.
For complete email addresses please replace according to the following table. Gillis Carlsson, Nuclear structure, high spin, 222 9006, Gillis.

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Numerical Tables for Angular Correlation Computations in Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-Spectroscopy: 3J-, 6J-, 9J-Symbols,.. Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Liquids.
Table 1. Diiron carboxylate proteins. Hemerythrin and myohemerythrin play roles.... these interactions it is necessary that the nuclear spin (I) of these nuclei is.
Den 9 oktober 2006, meddelade forskare vid Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) och Lawrence.. Mer exakt beror detta på ett flertal växelverkningar i elektronernas spinn och rörelse mellan.. ”A New Block on the Periodic Table”.
... December 2007 as excel tables on the National accounts quarterly website.... (SPIN 02), which the NA is based on... nuclear fuel. Industry.

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Stefan Gustafsson - Google Scholar Citations

For internal numbers just skip the first 22, i.
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Name Research interests Telephone E-mail see note Faculty Ferdi Aryasetiawan - 222 9089 Ferdi.
Aryasetiawan teor Jakob Bengtsson - 222 9087 jakob.
Brage fys Nuclear structure, high spin 222 9006 Gillis.
Carlsson mat Heat Conduction, Heat Storage, Solar Energy 222 9090 Goran.
Hellstrom mat Physics nuclear spin tables cold atoms -- excitons in semiconductors - Georgios.
Malet mat Jörgen Rammer - 222 9082 jorgen.
Reimann mat Quantum information, noise and superconductivity in mesoscopic systems.
Samuelsson teor - 222 9499 Claudio.
Verdozzi teor Noneqilibrium quantum transport in Nanosystems 222 3012 Andreas.
Wacker fys Nuclear Structure, Quantum Chaos, Nanostructured quantum systems 222 9633 Sven.
Aberg mat Emeriti Quantum Transport 222 3333 Carl-Olof.
Almbladh teor Electronic many-body theory, time-dependent density-functional theory and quantum transport 222 9069 barth teor Nuclear Structure 222 9084 Ragnar.
Bengtsson mat Neutrino Physics, CP violation, Nuclear spin tables 222 3151 Cecilia.
Jarlskog mat Nonlinear Dynamical System and Chaos 222 9082 Gunnar.
Ragnarsson mat Administrators - 222 9090 Katarina.
Lindqvist mat Graduate Students Johannes Bjerlin - 222 9080 Johannes.
Bjerlin mat Emil Bostr?
Bostrom teor Fredrik Brange - 222 9536 Fredrik.
Brange teor - 222 9088 Fikeraddis.
Damtie teor - 222 9088 Gunnar.
Eriksson mat Bahareh Goldozian - 222 4458 Bahareh.
Goldozian teor Ab initio relativistic atomic structure calculations 222 9236 Jon.
Grumer teor Miroslav Hopjan - 222 9087 Miroslav.
Hopjan teor Sara Kheradsoud - 222 9087 Sara.
Lindskog teor Ognjen Malkoc - 222 9087 Ognjen.
Malkoc teor Fredrik Nilsson Electronic structure calculations for highly correlated systems 222 9080 Fredrik.
Nilsson teor Daniel Ward - 222 9236 Daniel.
Ward mat David Winge Quantum Cascade Lasers 222 9085 David.
Winge teor Yousef Yousefi - 222 9236 Yousef.
Yousefi mat Some Recent Members few-body quantum theory and nuclear structure - Jeremy.
Armstrong matfys Cold atom gases - Sara.
Bargi mat Francesca Battista - - Francesca.
Battista teor Christian Bergenfeldt Quantum Transport - Christian.
Bergenfeldt here Many body quantum physics - Magnus.
Borgh mat Condensed Matter Physics, Cold Atoms - bruungmb nbi.
Claesson mat Chiral perturbation theory - Niclas.
Danielsson mat Stochastic quantum physics - Johan.
Gronqvist mat Quantum Chaos, Statistical Physics, Random Matrix Theory - Thomas.
Guhr mat Nuclear Structure, Cluster Physics - Ikuko.
Hamamoto mat Density-Functional Theory - Zoltan.
Imets teor - - Alan.
Kalitsov teor Elife Karabulut - - Elife.
Karabulut mat Many body physics of nanostructures - Kimmo.
Karlsson teor Olov Karlström Quantum transport - Olov.
Karlstrom teor Time-dependent density-functional theory for quantum transport - Alexey.
Kartsev teor Quantum chaos, Semiclassical physics - - - benny Jiguang Li Ab initio relativistic nuclear spin tables structure calculations - - - - Sigurd.
Madison mat - - Rikard.
Nelander fys - Karin.
Nilsson teor Nuclear structure, 3D-cranking - - - Jonas.
Pedersen fys Marc Puig von Friesen Quantum Transport - marc.
Sakuma teor Peter Schlagheck - Econophysics, Quantum Chaos, Statistical Physics - Rudi.
Schaefer mat Shells, nanomechanics and nuclear spin tables - Niels.
Sondergaard mat - - Nuclear structure, neutron-proton pairing - Henrik.
Olofsson mat - - Valeria.
Vettchinkina teor Optics and transport in nanostructures - Carsten.
Weber teor Nuclear Structure, Dilute Atomic Gas, Many body problem.
Yu mat Atomic Gases, Quantum Dots, Semiclassics, Computational Physics - Magnus.
Ogren mat Dynamics of the nuclear spin tables node - - Marcus.
Dahlstrom mat Last modified November 3 2018 by Gunnar Eriksson.

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